LeAnn Perman
LeAnn PermanAuthor

LeAnn Perman was born August 14, 1977 in Minnesota. LeAnn grow up in the quaint town of Zimmerman, located about an hour north of Minneapolis.

Growing up, LeAnn was busy in many activities including basketball, tennis, swimming and fishing. While on a 4-year basketball scholarship, LeAnn completed a degree in Business Management from The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. She then decided to further her education with an MBA. LeAnn moved to New Hampshire to complete her master’s degree while coaching Division II Women’s Basketball.

As a postgraduate, she worked as a Contract Specialist at an aerospace company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her astute writing ability helped her to excel in the craft of composing technical documents and proposals.

A close friend in Utah shared his passion for reading classic American literature, and LeAnn was hooked. Many cold Utah nights were spent with a glass of red wine and a classic. Nearly every night was spent reading or writing something; and LeAnn’s interests started to diversify, including children’s literature.
“I love how there is always a moral of the story in children’s books. It’s just fun, honest, feel-good reading.”

At the peak of her career, LeAnn decided to take a leap of faith and follow her passion of reading and writing and moved to Florida in pursuit of love and new adventures.

LeAnn spends her days at her home in Orlando, Florida writing on her laptop in her upstairs office or on the outside veranda looking at the lake. Her dog Slim, a gold colored labradoodle likes to lie at her feet while she works. When LeAnn is not writing, she is helping her fiancé Yatin in his business and philanthropic endeavors. She enjoys traveling, eating at fantastic restaurants and drinking unique wines with friends and family. LeAnn is very close to her Mother and Father and talks to them nearly every day.

LeAnn Perman is currently working on her second book, and hopes to be completed by mid-year 2013.

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